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Are you a modern maker, creative, artist or food & drinks producer ? If you'd love to be involved in our next Dumfries Market Festival Online, well look no further!

Despite us having to sadly cancel our Market Festival in March in Dumfries Town Centre we are still keen to find ways to continue to support and champion our community, helping them to get their products in front of new customers. The decision to host the event online will allow us to continue to collaborate with makers & producers from across the Dumfries & Galloway. We hope that we can work together during these turbulent times provide them with an opportunities to grow their business and build their audience.


On this page you'll find everything you need to know on how to apply,  just scroll down the page to read all the information. At this online event we ask interested businesses to complete an simple online application form by the deadline of 14th February 2021 at Midnight.

Why would I take part?

This is a great opprtunity and a low-cost way for makers, creatives and producers to create greater awareness about their work, engaging with visitors and making sales. Taking part is a great way for you and your business to interact directly with new and existing audiences, gain feedback about your products and also we hope have some fun being part of our creative community while you work. We hope you will be interested in joining our community and getting involved at this online market festival.


So how will it work?

On the day itself, we will encourage makers taking part to post on social media and be just as active in engaging people as if you would be at one of our usual, in real life market. So you must be prepared to work hard on your social media during and on the run up to the event. As well as driving incremental sales from your shoppable website, it will be a great way to increase your brand awareness to a really engaged and relevant audience.


As part of the market you'll be incuded on a dedicated directory on our website. Customers will be able to choose who to shop from and then by clicking on the images and 'SHOP NOW' button for each trader at the market, customers will be able to shop direct from your own website.


Is there an Application Criteria?

For this online market, we will be selecting all the businesses using the same APPLICATION CRITERIA that we have for our real life market festival. At The Guild Dumfries, we aim to provide visitors to Dumfries Market Festival with a diverse range of makers, creatives, independent businesses, food and beverage producers, with an emphasis on quality, regional and seasonal produce. Over a short space of time, we’ve built a strong reputation in the community as a key platform for emerging business owners to gain exposure and develop a brand presence.


To ensure we continue to maintain our reputation we take care and commitment throughout our entire application process. The Guild Dumfries will review each and every application thoughtfully, and we don't take it lightly it’s a serious business and a big job! If you’ve never applied to be involved in one of events before, please don’t be scared! We LOVE to hear from new makers and we're happy to give advice before you make an application. We’re keen to support all of our traders, both fledgling and the more experienced. 


How do I apply?

As the market isn’t that far away, if you are interested in taking part, you will need to apply as soon as possible and no later than 14th February at MIDNIGHT.  All you need to do is complete the online application, you'll find the link below.


If you're filling out an application form for one of events for the first time, you'll be required to share some business details and links to your social media accounts. All applicants must go through our application process by filling out our simple online application form and provide us with images that will be used in marketing the each event. We'd suggest preparing these details before you start the application process. 


Once you complete your application, you will receive a confirmation message "Thank you for taking the time to make an application, we will be in touch shortly after the closing date." which will be displayed on your screen once you submit an application online. You can also request to have a copy of your application emailed to you, you'll be sent a completed form and have the opportunity to make edits. 


Once you've submitted an application, it's then a patient wait for an email response from us after the closing date, which is stated on the application form and below. All applicants will be contacted to inform you whether you were successful or not. If your application is successful, we'll provide you with further details re. payment. The booking fee will need to be paid by a specified date to confirm your place.


Food and beverage businesses must also provide the appropriate Health and Safety/Food Hygiene certificates to be permitted to take part. 

Got another question about the Online Market Festival before you apply? Please get in touch and we will try our best to answer your query.

The Guild Dumfries are really looking forward to working in partnership with our community of makers & producers at our first online market festival on Saturday 13th March from 10 am until 4pm. If you'd love apply, before you do, don't forget to read all the finer details below. By taking part at the market you are confirming you agree with The Guild (Dumfries) C.I.C terms and conditions.


We will send you all the details you need to make payment of your fee if your application is successful. Please do NOT send payment with your application form. The Guild can receive payment in advance by bank transfer, details of which will be included within your acceptance email. Payment will be required by a date specified in the acceptance email. Your confirmation of taking part is not secure until full payment has been made and copies of all required documents have been received by the deadline. If payment has not been received before the payment deadline stated in your acceptance mail, your place within the Dumfries Market Festival Online will be allocated to another business on our waiting list. Bookings are non transferable.



Makers will pay a fee to take part in Dumfries Market Festival Online. All sales that are made during the two days of trading will be yours, there are NO COMMISSIONS charged. We will provide a online showcase of the collective of makers, creatives and producers taking part on our Online Market Directory page on this website and also share content about each participant on our social media accounts. The income generated from the fee you pay will contribute towards The Guild running costs, marketing and promotion of each maker and any other overheads. As a social enterprise any additional profits made will be re-invested into developing the types of facilities, projects, events, activities and opportunities our community and town needs.


We are offering the opportunity to take part in this online event at a reduced cost as we realise this is a difficult time for some businesses. We hope that we can provide an online platform for both young fledgling and more established businesses for minimal investment.  By hosting the Market Festival online this will allow us to give our customers and loyal followers who visit the us each month a virtual shopping experience and an excuse to support and shop local from the comfort and safety of their own home.



You will be sent more specific details and all the information you need to get the best out of taking part if your application is successful, and when payment and documentation have been received by us.

While we will will work our socks off to promote you as a maker and signpost your products, services and businesses, but there are no guarantees that you will make a sale during the Online Market Festival.



The Guild promise to adhere to the pricing you outline in your application and the details you send. We presume in good faith that the pricing used is a consistent one. We hope that you agree that it's in the interests of no one having your products available to buy elsewhere at a different price. If you think you need advice on pricing your work both realistically and effectively, then we can happily help you.



On the run up to the event we will be marketing the Online Market Festival on all our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also promote the event on our website, to our mailing list and within our network of organisations, partners and supporters. During the day of the market we will be predominately using our Instagram account to host a programme of live events and workshops, demos, meet the makers etc. We will be showcasing the work and the stories of our community of makers & producers on our website, social media, on the official event on facebook and we will also send out information to our mailing list. Each maker will receive a media kit and templates that we encourage you to use on your social media and website to promote your participation at this event. 



At any of our events, food safety is important. All food producers will need to provide us with copies of the following documents during the application process.

• Food Hygiene Certificate/s.

• Food Hygiene Rating.

• Details of the local authority you are registered with.



If you wish to cancel for any reason, no refunds will be given, due to the nature of the event and the organisation required,  unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of The Guild Dumfries C.I.C. 



We ask that all successful applicants become FRIENDS OF THE GUILD so that you are showing your support for The Guild (Dumfries) C.I.C. It also allows us to show potential funders, stakeholders and others that the community supports the work that we are doing.



Dumfries Market Festival Online is an exciting online community festival event, designed specifically to promote our aims and vision but also to promote your work and business. 


To make the shopping and sales process as easy as possible for customers its recommended that you have some kind of ecommerce for this event, this can be from your own website, Etsy, Folksy, or another marketplace. Although you can still sell directly from Facebook or Instagram too. 


If you are successful, we would also like businesses to promote their attendance, branded templates and a checklist of things you can do will all be part of being involved. You can let your mailing list know, post details or share information on social media, your blog and website to share you are taking part. We happily invite you to send us content, social media posts and images that can be used in the run up to the event and to share your story.


We want customers who come to our online event to know the makers and people behind the marvellous products they purchase, we want them to get to know you a little better. We know that the best way to connect and engage with your audience is by showing the people behind the business. To do this you must be present and active on social media during the day of the market, even if its just a couple of hours. We would love you to share videos about yourself, your business and your products on your Instagram and Facebook accounts over the course of day. You will also be expected to set up a stall somewhere at home so you can 'pop up' at home.


These are all key parts of the online market and we want you to make the most out of taking part. It really helps to be seen so you can build a connection and engage with followers and potential new customers. You should also be commenting and interacting with other stallholders, as well as replying to any comments and direct messages on your posts. You should treat this online event similarly to real market and be prepared to put the hours in. Support and advice will be given to help you.



We want to nurture and support our maker community especially during these wierd times and when in real life events have been cancelled. If applicants are selected to take part at any of our events, they are then given access to an online makers & shakers area on facebook and instagram where we can deliver free training and advice. This space also becomes a place where our creative community can network, and it also becomes a skill-sharing hub and somewhere where each of the makers can build relationships with other businesses and share experiences. It’s a central place to communicate with our makers and traders and help answer any questions they may have.


We also encourage and assist our makers to get the most out of taking part in our event and promoting their involvement. Its especially important that during this event, as a community we work together and help attract as many customers to come along, virtually, and visit and support all the businesses taking part on market day. We will send successful applicants a series of emails in the run up to the event, there's also checklists and guidelines, and we sometimes host zoom meetings and lives so we can help and support you. We will provide makers with a media kit with logos and graphics that can be used in the promotion of the event. We wish to encourage shared partnerships to deliver a cohesive and consistent approach to marketing our event.


As part of being involved in the online market festival we will create a dedicated area on our website to showcase our community of makers, creatives, food and drinks producers taking part. This provides information all in one place to visitors and click throughs to where they can find each business taking part. Every listing will include a headshot, an image, a short description and links to websites or social media to increase their exposure.


By taking part in the Online Dumfries Market Festival, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions above. Space is limited at this event so if your application is unsuccessful this time, please don't be disheartened or take it personally.  We want to provide visitors and customers to our curated events with a mix of sellers and disciplines and an alternative shopping experience. 


  • Please ensure you've read our APPLICATION CRITERIA and our Terms & Conditions above specifically for this event before you complete your application form.
  • Our online application forms require you to have an account with google so that you can upload files and also request to have a copy of your completed form emailed to you. You will need to be signed in to access the forms and click the 'APPLY NOW' link below.
  • You will need to include at least 5 images of your products or work for your application, these need to be saved so they include the following file name, YOUR BUSINESS NAME-The-Guild-Dumfries-Market-Festival-Online. Ordinarily we would do this but we are trying to keep our administartion time to a minimal so the fee we charge to take part in this event was as affordable as it could be. 
  • For the Online Market directory we need you to include a picture of you, a headshot or image of you at work or in your studio, and a product or lifestyle shot. These both need to be 1:1 Ratio. You will also be asked for a short description (maximum 250 words).
  • Your application can be sent to you and re-edited after you submit, we recommend you do this, you'll find it at the bottom of the form. You can then re-submit with all the information and  images prepared in the correct file format, just incase you don't have all the neccesary information required when you fill out the form at first.  



Dumfries Market Festival is carefully & thoughtfully curated, The Guild Dumfries will review each and every application thoughtfully.

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