Are you a modern maker, designer, indie biz owner, food & drinks producer?

We would love you to get involved, why not apply for our waiting list





We really are looking forward to setting up shop at The Guild Pop Up in the heart of Dumfries town centre at the beginning of August. If you'd love to be involved you'll need to fill out our online application form, you'll find the link at the bottom of the page. Before you do, don't forget to read all the information ABOUT THE POP UP SHOP and make sure you've read HOW TO APPLY which includes our application process and criteria. You can also find all the finers details including our terms and conditions, how much it costs and other information below.

Why should you apply?


• The Guild exists to promote you and your work.  We want to support you where we can and we want to help you sell your work and spread the word about your business. 

• We will provide a platform to get your products in front of new customers in a prime site location.

• We will promote your business at every opportunity on social media accounts.

• We will feature makers involved on our blog.

• We will charge just a small one off rental fee of £70 for two weeks or £40 for one week.

• All sales made are yours, minus any credit card transactions fees. NO Commission is charged.

We will sell your products for you, so you are able to concentrate on making.

• We will help nurture and grow your business and will introduce you to a network of other like-minded makers in our private makers facebook group, at our events, gatherings, workshops and talks.

• You will be part of community making social change.



How does it work?


You pay a rental fee to be involved if your application is successful. You'll then either drop off or post your stock to us. We will then promote and sell your work, unlike a market stall you don't need to be there at the Pop Up Shop. We wil tally up the sales figures at the end of the two weeks and you'll recieve all income from the sales, less any transactions fees if payment was made by a card.

The are No Commission fees to be paid.

Got a question about the Pop Up Shop before you apply?

Please get in touch and we will try our best to answer your query.

As part of the organisation of this event, The Guild will undertake publicity and media coverage that targets Dumfries and the surrounding region effectively. Media exposure will create interest and boost foot fall to the Pop Up Shop. We will promote the event on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On the run up to the Pop Up Shop, during the set up and opening times we will be showcasing the work and the stories of our stockists on our website, social media, on our blog and will also send out information to our mailing list.


We want to nurture and support our maker community. If applicants are selected to take part at any of our events, they are then given access to an online maker area where we can deliver free training and advice. This space also becomes a place where traders can network, and it also becomes a skill-sharing hub and somewhere where each of the makers can build relationships with other businesses and share experiences. It’s a central place to communicate with our makers and help answer any questions they may have.


We also encourage and assist our makers to get the most out of taking part in our event and promoting their involvement, so that as a community we can work together and help attract as many customers to come along and visit us at the Pop Up Shop. We send successful applicants a series of emails in the run up to the event. We provide makers with a media kit with logos and graphics that can be used in the promotion of the event. We wish to encourage shared partnerships to deliver a cohesive and consistent approach to marketing our event.


As part of being a maker at our events we also have a dedicated maker area on our website to boost their profile. Every maker listing has an image and links to their websites or social media to increase their exposure. They will remain on our website throughout the year ensuring maximum promotion outside event dates.


During the set up and opening times of the Pop Up Shop we aim to create a visual presence around the location to attract passing trade both on the high street and inside the Shopping Centre. We will also be filming and posting both videos and images on social media throughout the set up and when the Pop Up Shop is open to give followers a behind the scenes experience of our project.

Would you love to get involved, collaborate, interested in leading a workshop, giving a talk, demo, tasting, or have another wonderful idea, we'd love to hear about it! 

Please read the information below before applying for the Pop Up Shop.



We will send you all the details you need to make payment of rental fees if your application is successful. Please do NOT send payment with your application form. The Guild can receive payment in advance by bank transfer, details of which will be included within your acceptance email. Payment will be required by a date specified in the acceptance email. Your rental is not secure until full payment has been made and copies of all required documents have been received by the deadline. If payment has not been received before the payment deadline stated in your acceptance mail, your rented space within the Pop Up Shop will be allocated to another business on our waiting list. 


At the end of the Pop Up Shop trading period, The Guild will issue a simple sales summary of items sold minus any transaction fees of 1.69% if any sales have been made by a credit card.  All makers will then be asked to send an invoice to The Guild and payments will be made by bank transfer after this has been received.



Makers will pay a rental fee to take part in the Pop Up Shop. All sales that are made during the two weeks of trading will be yours, minus any transaction fees, there are NO COMMISSIONS charged. We will provide a concession space, display furniture and props within the Pop Up Shop. The income generated from the rental fee you pay will contribute towards the costs of renting the premises, to pay for staff during the trading period, marketing and promotion of each maker and any other overheads. As a social enterprise any additional profits made will be re-invested into developing the types of facilities, projects, events, activities and opportunities our community and town needs.



We are also offering an opportunity to rent for just one week so that young fledgling businesses can take the first steps into a retail environment as less investment and stock is required. This also allows us to showcase more makers and rotate the stock we have for sale. This innovative aspect of the Pop Up Shop will allow us to change the look and feel of the space and vary the visual merchandising from week to week and give our customers a fresh shopping experience and an excuse to repeat visit.




You will be sent more specific details of set up and breakdown information if your application is successful, and when payment and documentation have been received by us. Makers will need to be available to deliver stock during the set up of the Pop Up Shop, dates and times agreed in advance by yourself and The Guild.

Successful applicants will drop off stock | Week beginning Monday 29 th July 2019

The Guild and our team of volunteers will transform the empty property into our Pop Up Shop creating a curated experiential retail space. Makers are not required to be at the Pop Up Shop, our team and volunteers will merchandise, style and work at the shop during the entirety of the trading period. The positioning of products and merchandising of the Pop Up Shop is the decision of The Guild.

Makers will collect any remaining stock after the end of the Pop Up Shop | Sunday 18 th August 2018

We have the option for makers to post your stock to us. If interested in this option, makers will assume all postage costs to/from the Pop Up Shop.

While we will will work our socks off to promote you as a makers and sell your work their are no guaruntees that your products will sell at the Pop Up Shop. Please do not be offended if we have to return unsold stock to you at the end of the trading period. We will of course report back to you on any customer feedback we have gathered about your items and that we feel will be helpful to you.



We request that you provide details of other Dumfries and Galloway based stockists you supply your products to. If you are already selling your products via other retailers in the town, this does not mean you cannot make an application. The Guild do not operate exclusivity contracts, but it is important that we ensure that during the Pop Up Shop you are not stocking exactly the same products as other nearby retailers. We want to make sure that we limit where possible any duplication, so that customers can purchase covetable products they might not find elsewhere in the town. Our aim is to provide additionality to Dumfries town centre, not to detract from it.



The Guild promise to adhere to the pricing you outline for us in your delivery note and inventory. We presume in good faith that the pricing used is a consistent one. We hope that you agree that it's in the interests of no one to have stockists undercutting one another and having your products available to buy elsewhere at a different price. If you think you need advice on pricing your work both realistically and effectively, then we can happily help you.



We will be marketing the Pop Up Shop on all our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also promote the event on our website, blog, to our mailing list and within our network of organisations, partners and supporters. Each maker will receive a media kit that we encourage you to use on your social media and website. We will release announcements and information to press and media, publish the event on online calendars, do extensive marketing on social media as well as place posters and flyers around the region leading up to the event.



The Guild(Dumfries) C.I.C take no responsibility for loss or damage to you, your products or belongings during the event. The Guild will not be held liable for any thefts or accidents that may arise during set up, trading hours and breakdown of the Pop Up Shop. It is your responsibility as a business to have suitable Product & Public Liability Insurance.  We will do everything within our power to prevent theft of products and displays, but we cannot guarantee that items will not go missing or get broken. Inventory stock lists will be supplied by each business, we will verify whether the numbers, descriptions, and/or prices match the physical inventory dropped off at the designated times and dates. The team at The Guild will make every effort to prevent any incidents. However, we cannot be held responsible if theft or damage does occur. You will need to provide us with a copy of all insurances if your application is successful and when payment is required.



At any of our events, food safety is important. All food handles will need to provide us with copies of the following documents if their application is successful.

• Food Hygiene Certificate/s.

• Food Hygiene Rating.

• Details of the local authority you are registered with.



A full refund of the rental fee will be given if cancellation is made within 21 days of your payment and booking. No refund will be given if you fail to notify us of a cancellation or do not show up to deliver stock. If a cancellation is made after 21 days, we will of course try our best to fill your concession space if you cannot take part in the event. You will be charged in full if a replacement cannot be found. Please be aware of the time and administration required to re advertise your space at the Pop Up Shop.


The Guild shall be under no liability for delay or failure to provide any services as a result of any act or circumstances beyond reasonable control including and not limited to, Act of God, bad weather conditions, failure to power supply, injury, terrorism, fire, war, lock out or strike.



We ask that all successful applicants become FRIENDS OF THE GUILD so that you are showing your support for The Guild (Dumfries) C.I.C. It also allows us to show potential funders, stakeholders and others that the community supports the work that we are doing.



The Guild Pop Up Shop is an exciting showcase and experiential retail space, designed specifically to promote our aims and vision but also to promote your work and business. We want customers who come to our shop to know the makers and people behind the marvellous products they purchase. We want them to get to know you a little better and create profiles for our community of makers taking part. To do this and to help us sell your products effectively we will need a few things from you. More details will be sent to you if your application is successful.

If you are successful, we would also like makers to promote their attendance at the Pop Up Shop, let your mailing list know, post details or share e-flyers on social media, your blog and website. We would also want you to distribute printed posters and flyers. We happily invite you to send us content, social media posts and images that can be used in the run up to the event and to share your story.




The Pop Up Shop is a curated event, and we will review each and every application thoughtfully.

By renting a space at the Pop Up Shop, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions above. Space is limited at this event so if your application is unsuccessful this time, please don't be disheartened or take it personally.  We want to provide visitors and customers to the Pop Up Shop with a mix of sellers and disciplines and an alternative shopping experience. 

If you'd like to hear about future events, opportunities & news, then sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media so you don't miss out on hearing the news!