Kirsten is co-founder and director at The Guild. An upcycler, furniture restorer, interior designer and restylist, junk shop trawler and self-confessed Womble! With a passion for mid-century modern, warehouse and industrial interior design, she’s drawn to eye-catching, iconic and expertly crafted furnishings.

Keen to see her hometown restored to former glory, Kirsten is already working on a project to restore the ornate Victorian cast iron, High Street fountain. It’s her firm belief that the monthly street market will play a major role in the overall regeneration of Dumfries by bringing visitors and locals back to the town centre and with it much needed revenue to the local economy.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, she is passionate about the regeneration of Dumfries and can’t wait to get stuck in and bring The Guild and Dumfries Makers Market to life.​


Leah is co-founder and Director at The Guild. She is a designer, maker and educator, and has taught her popular sewing & creative classes in Dumfries for over 8 years. She used to lecture at university and college as she's a professionally trained fashion designer. Leah has an eye for detail and can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her work. 

To relax she loves walks along the many beautiful beaches near where she lives usually with a camera in hand. She also enjoys pottering about in her garden, growing vegetables, lots of flowers and has four hens. 

Colour, print and pattern inspire her designs along with found objects and forgotten fabrics.  She loves nothing better than a really good rummage at a car booty.  She believes passionately about this project and feels that if it is allowed to proceed it will play a part in helping the town centre to become a place to be proud of. Her determination, hard work and perceverance will make it happen.