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The Guild Dumfries Tshirt Fundraiser Campaign

To help raise funds & awareness of Dumfries Makers Market we launched our t-shirt fundraising campaign. The design featured a positive slogan ‘Make it Happen’, which was exclusively designed by Leah Halliday one of the directors here at The Guild Dumfries. Members of the public on social media voted this as their favourite choice of slogan along with the final colours and styles we decided to offer for pre-order.


All profits of the sales of the t-shirts went to The Guild (Dumfries) C.I.C and helped towards the costs of market stalls hire, insurance, legal fees, signage and marketing so The Guild Dumfries could bring our community the market they want, to the streets of Dumfries.


We were delighted to sell our first ten t-shirts, which guaranteed they went to print, in the first 24 hours of launching the first time we launched the project. The t-shirts and sweatshirts were hand screen printed in the U.K, so people could wear their support and help spread the word. We have had some amazing feedback from those that got their hands on a tshirt.

“We hope that the people of Dumfries will once again get behind us and lend us their support so that we can raise some much-needed funds to help us make it happen”

"I love my t-shirt so much I've had it on for three days!"

A Few Things You Need To Know

We've decided to create our fundraising campaign on MERCHT, so we don't need to waste any funds on buying lots of stock and sizes. If you’ve never heard of Mercht then here’s a few things you’ll need to know before you buy a t-shirt. 


• You’ll only be able to purchase our t-shirts for the 14 days the campaign runs for, there will be no left over stock to sell afterwards.


• We need to sell a minimum of 10 t-shirts before they will go into production and print.


• Each t-shirt design comes in a variety of colours, sizes & styles. Make sure you look through them all and check your sizes on the website, we’d hate for you to order the wrong sized fit. 


• If the t-shirts go to print then the money won’t leave your account till after the 14 days of the campaign.


Mercht are responsible for all the hand screen printing and delivery of the t-shirts.


• If you decide to buy a t-shirt and they don’t go to print, then none of your money will leave your bank account.

The Guild Dumfries Tshirt Fundraiser Campaign
The Guild Dumfries Tshirt Fundraiser Campaign